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Hoping there is a member or two from the western South America (Southern Peru, northern Chile specifically) might be able to give some input on this. I am putting the finishing touches of a “What-If” Ejército de Chile tank assigned to the Iquique, Antofagasta, Atacama area. Am thinking of placing a name on the hull sides. I am thinking of using an Incan deity … thunder god or the likes. Question I have is seeing the Inca occupied the area only a short while before the Spaniards arrived
, how would Incan influence be remembered in the area. Would they have been considered and occupying invader ,as I’m sure the conquistadors and Padres are? (I highly doubt any military in the area would honor Pizzaro by naming anything after him. ) Military leaders of the 1800s , unfortunately, use the Spanish tradition of having like 7 -8 names (Tank isnt that long!).I saw a couple indigenous leaders, but they were from farther south east, more Amazonian) I’ve seen some local folk lore but they did not seem to have names for their legendary beings.

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Not at all Chilean but I like where your brain is at.

Given the almost complete lack of rainfall in the Atacama a thunder god may not be the most appropriate.

The region is home however to desert wasps (Avispa) and scorpions (éscorpion) as well as a species of fox (Zorro).

Tolvanera is apparently a Spanish term for a dust devil, but I’m not a native Spanish speaker and I don’t know if the term applies appropriately.

If you’re looking for mythology, I came across this story of a flightless metal bird which might work. Alicanto

I spent 26 years in “occupied Mexico” (Southern Ca. 'Course the northern border of Mexico WAS about level with Denver) I habla just enough Espanol to get my pinche gavacho culo kicked in the barrio. From what I read the Atacama area (and south) was some of the last added to the Inca empire. Like I said, not sure how they assimilated the area, and to what extent. If they imported their “religion” they would have worshipped the same deities there as up north. I’ve read how the Spaniards treated the locals. “We Catholics are going to save your soul… by killing you and sending it to heaven”. No different down south. I know the local language has a word that has been bastardized into Pucara … a fortified structure. (a tank is a moving fortified structure. ) Wonder what the local terms for the wasps and scorpions are. (Photo is the Brazilian version of the current project. Type is named after one of there Generals ( Manuel Luís Osório) like us and the Abrams. Actual tank is named after one of his biggest victories.)


Current project…


Engesa EE-20 Osorio. Grupo Blindado Nº 8 “Exploradores”, Brigada Acorazada Nº 3 “La Concepción”, No.1 Division, Ejército de Chile, Antofagasta. Chile. What if the Osorio had gone into production. Chilean version with 120mm GIAT main gun, .50 cal. coaxial MG , loaders MG-3 7.62mm mg and T/C’s .50 cal. Upgrades gunners optics and relocated CITS. “Pukara” is Quechua (Inca) for “fortress” Last two photos with Execito Brasileiro EE-19 Osorio. 6 Regimento da Cavalaria Blindado. 2 Brigada da Cavalaria Mecanizada. Alegrete, Brazil.

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