Currently on my bench - 1/35 building construction

So managed to get a bit done today.

I have added the beams and joists for the floor. This was the 2nd attempt at them as after doing the 1st go I wasnt happy with the scale thickness. So I removed them and thinned them all down. I then oiled them to darken them (you won’t see much on the finished model).

I have added a ceiling to the underside of the 1st floor and will paint that a matt colour. I have also added the floor boards for the upper floor. These have not been damaged yet, hence the sqaure cuts at the end. I plan on snapping them to create the damaged look when they are dry and oil them. I will then varnish and add a few washes over them and weather them. I have also built the dividing wall between upper rooms. I need to putty the join and then sand. It will be painted a matt colour (no wallpaper). I will glue this in once all the weathering is done upstairs.

I have also painted the window frames and door blue and they are drying before they get a clear cote and washes.


Looks very nice Nick. Great attention to detail with the interior :+1:

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Thanks @Johnnych01 . Its come along nicely in the space of a day. I did consider making one of the upper rooms a small tiled bathroom, but then I’d have to add plumbing, and I think it would have been more common for bathrooms to be down stairs in French country houses.

Next will be work on oiling the floorboards, painting the ceiling an off white colour and continuing on with the windows and installing the door. Once the windows are glued in, I will add internal window trims. I am also thinking of adding the criss-cross masking tape to the windows to "keep them in tact ".

I have snagged myself a long long weekend. I have 5 days off and plan to get stuck into the house and try and get the building done minus the roof for now. Today i managed to stain and weather the floorboards.
Thy came up a treat after I added the snapped ends and used some streaking grime to make darker stains. I also managed to paint and get the dividing wall in. I sanded and painted the ceiling and dividing wall lilac to match the wallpaper as closely as possible.

Once the wall was in it looked like it wasnt attached to the floor, so I cut fine strips of thin balsa and added the skirting boards to the upper floor. Then I very carefully oiled them and weathered them with streaking grime and a light brown wash.

The doors and windows recieved some dry brushing and washes over them. I have also made 2 x door knobs and a latch. They have all been painted brass.


Nicely done Nick , keep going !!

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Windows and door is glued in. I added the thin strips of tape to the windows and then dirtied up the windows with some lighter dust pigments and water. This helped the pigments to settle in to the lower corners of the windows.


I managed to add the ground floor and stairs today. The ground floor includes an intergrated cellar door between the beams.

Staining and oiling still needs to be done as well as debris to the whole house. I ordered some furniture and a small stove as well from BNA model world.


Been a while since I’ve been able to have a good bench session. I have stained all the timber and weathered it. I have added a cellar door into the ground floor. The rugs and stairway runner is from Reality In Scale. They are amazing, actually scale fluffly/furry. I carefully thinned the paper peeling half away with a sharp scalpel blade as they were too thick.

I have added some charring and burn marks using 1:1 flame. I have just started adding bricks, ruin material and I have also matched the ceiling colour on some thin plaster. I coloured some plaster of Paris and put a thin smear over some baking paper and let dry before crushing up.

I have mainly focused on the top floor for now as I need to make up and test fit the furniture for the lower floor. (Photo just taken while still wet glue, hence the white in the rubble)

I ordered a tiled roof, but its too perfect, so I think I will be making slate roof tiles from thin cardboard. Balsa is too scale thick and the cardboard from a model kit box is perfect and I have plenty of it.


While waiting for a few things to dry and arrive I will proceed with my 1:1 1945 U.S jerry can. Just gave it a good degrease and bought some etch primer and olive drab paint.

Will sand it back and give it a good clean up before any paint goes on.


A small update today, I managed to finish the small rusty stove and the slate plinth it rests on. They have been glued in. I will add the external part of the flue pipe later on. It will be made from sprue and drilled out on the end.


Beautiful painting on that brickwork! Nice logical deconstruction on the overall ruin as well!

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Thanks @JRutman , I appreciate the feedback. I am waiting on some resin picture frames and some furniture. Once it arrives I will get stuck into them, just hard finding time since starting a new job.

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Yeah! This is great to see! Keep up the good work man! /Erik

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Nice touch - the tape on the window panes. But wouldn’t some of that glass be cracked and broken? Just a suggestion…


@DIOWORK thankyou very much for the compliments. It’s definitely been an enjoyable build.

@Bravo36 thank you. I wanted something different instead of plain windows. I am planning on adding some broken glass and damaged window frame to the diorama once it has been mounted on the base. I played around with adding cracks but could not come up with a pleasing result unfortunately.


After a weekend away I have managed to get back to the bench. I have finished painting and added the wooden stool, table (which i added wood grain texture) and the wireless. I will add some wine bottles and a plate etc to the table in the near future. For this point in time, I am keeping it debris free so i cann add it when it’s mounted to the base so its all blended.

I am awaiting a wardrobe to be delivered for the larger of the 2 upstairs room.

I will start on the roof next, unsure if i will use thin cardboard or thin sheet styrene. Im leaning towards cardboard as I have plenty on hand. I am thinking I will make individual slate tiles from the cardboard.


I have started on the roof. I have added the rafters onto a piece of thin cardboard from a kit box. Where the cardboard is is where there is no damage, the areas where the rafters are not on the cardboard will be snapped and tiles broken/missing.

I was originally going to use cardboard for the slate tiles but instead decided to use .020 evergreen sheet. I thought this would be easier to cut and won’t have “furry” edges.

Here is a progress shot and a very very rough test shot.

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I managed to cut all the sheet styrene into 1cm x 1.5cm tiles and get them stuck on. Halfway through priming my airbrush decided to play up and came out splotchy. Not happy with the primer coat, so once dry I will sand the tiles and reprime.

Here is an update shot anyway. Overall I am happy with the roof so far.


Great work Nick. Love watching the progress. It’s a shame you’ll have to spoil it when you add the figures lol… Looking forward to seeing more :+1::+1:

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Thanks @Johnnych01 . Its been quite enjoyable and the artistic license is definitely a welcome change rather than super referencing.

Figures will be a long way down the track (which is a nice thought). I do have a vague idea of the figures I’d like to use though.

I have started preparing the wooden base ,(keeping this idea close to myself for now until I’m 100% sure it will work).

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