CV33 Spanish Civil war

HI all
This is my CV33 IIª serie from SCW CTV.The kit is te excellent Model Victoria offering and the figure is from Hornet with an Alpine Head.These vehicles with such marks were seen at Santander. I hope you like it.

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Very nice job, simple but perfectly performed!

Good job, its looks very well!!!



Excellent work- its always good to see a SCW piece. A nice subject you have chosen too- the tank is an interesting example- painted and finished with skill too. The figure also adds the perfect sense of scale showing just how small this little tank is- and you have painted the figure to a great standard as well.

Thank you all for your kind comments

Very nice
and I can not add more at the others comments.
I have only a question: is it without license plate?

Really beautiful job there. Great finish, nice subtle weathering!


Italian tanks never carried license plates in Spain. Softskins wore specially designed license plates different to those used in Italy. That was a camouflage affair.
Thank you for your comment

Excellent job on the build so far!

With the figure standing next to to it, you really get an idea of how tiny this tank was. You can barely fit one person in that thing !!

Espectacular trabajo, como es normal en ti :clap:t4:

The figure really puts it in perspective . absolutely beautiful