Czech T-72M4CZ

Aloha everyone!!!

Does anyone know of equivalent acrylic colors I can use for the Czech T-72M4CZ? Of what I can see it’s not the customary 3 tone Nato scheme but rather 2 types of green and a black.

Thank you in advance :wink:

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On my Czech Dana I used Vallejo colors. I used 71.095 Pale Green, 71.104 Green RLM 62, and 71.052 German Grey. Looks the part to me


That looks spot on!!! Nice, nice work. Is Vallejo easy to use through an airbrush?

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Yes. It can be sprayed straight from the bottle. That is how I did it. Looking back, it might be better to add a spot or two of Vallejo Thinner, but it is really an easy line to use. I only use Vallejo and Mission Models paints now.

Thank you for the heads up