Daily Updates from Armorama

Hey all,
Can someone give me a bit of information regarding the Daily Updates? I used to get them almost every day at 2:00 my time, but nothing over the last week or so? Have they gone away? Or, more likely, have I inadvertently unchecked some box somewhere? Help! TIA

Missing my updates,

Rick Cooper

There is a setting for email in the user preferences, it is set to weekly for most or all members.
Don’t know if that is a policy decision to keep the mailing costs down … @staff_Jim Comments?

That’s odd. I know I am getting mine daily. I think their was a message from the forum software saying that it was turning them on for all new users up to a certain number (50?) and then I assume after that they would need to set them to on themselves. But yeah I would check the setting to make sure it didn’t change back.

Ahh… wait. I think Rick is talking about the OLD daily updates. Those should still be running but there is probably little content being added to them currently so short answer is, YES, they will be going away as we have known them. That actually is via the other mailing company I first used and that is a seperate fee I won’t have to pay, etc. once we are switched over. Plus as we are talking about the forum itself does daily or weekly update emails and those all go out via our new mail sending service.


My setting for the new forums is daily but Ricks is set to weekly

Thanks for the quick reply Robin. How do I change it to daily?


Thanks for jumping in Jim!
Maybe a better question is where do I find user preferences?

1 click your own avatar, doesn’t matter where you find it …
2 click the cogwheel preferences at the right hand end
3 click emails
4 change the setting

I think that is the change then. Early signups had it set to daily. Later signups are weekly. I just checked to see on one of the other recent signups and it was weekly.

So I guess we should let people know that this is something they can change if they want to. I certainly have the email capacity currently. It’s 80,000 or something a month. :smiley:

Also it was the old Armorama daily update email that Rick was referring to. Our news guys have been posting news here on the forums. Doh… so not much being added to Armorama atm. Which is fine because we can start loading up the new beta site with all this content.


Thanks all,
I have it changed now but clearly the traffic on the ‘dark’ side is pretty slow. Like so many things in life, I was worried about something of little consequence!!
Anyway, thanks Robin and Jim, all sorted out now. I think I’ll just stick with the new forums from here on out!!