DAK Panzer IV E with crew finally finished

Thanks so much Mike greatly appreciated!


I REALLY like your Pz.IV ! The weathering is well done, not excessive !!!
And, an outstanding base too!
Just like Goldilocks would say, “not too big, not too small, just right”!
Isn’t #6264 a great kit?! I’ve got 2 in the stash and one built kit that is nowhere as nice as yours!
Thanks for sharing with us and the tips & techniques.
Good luck at AMPS !

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Tom thanks for the kind words. I tend to weather my armor rather heavily but I’ve been trying to be more subtle with it.
I do love this kit. I remember when it came out many years ago, it was considered the new standard for Panzer IVs. If you have read the review on the Perth site, he goes into extreme detail about the kit. It does have many minor flaws that most people don’t know or care about, the one major flaw being the drive sprockets being mounted to low. I just made a notch in the mount on the back of the drive sprocket and set it on top of the spindle being careful not to rotate it too far back or forwards. It raises the sprocket about 2 milimeters and looks better. It does have a very high parts count with the bogies having about 15 parts or so. All in all it was a lot of work but mostly enjoyable.