Danish Lynx 90 FLIR?

Was doing some research earlier for the 1/48 Lynx Mk90 and saw a photo of one that appeared to have a FLIR turret mounted to the bottom of the .50 cal door mount. Of course :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I cant find it again to re-reference. Two questions.1- was this set up used during the anti pirate work off Somalia? 2- was the turret the same , or close , to the one used on the nose of the Bundesmarine one in the Airfix kit?

This one (picture taken on June 21, 2014) ?

or maybe one of these ?


I would guess yes. Doing a little research on the tail number finds this page which says it had to conduct an emergency landing following an engine failure off the coast of Somalia in 2012.

I believe the FLIR turret could be one made by SAFIRE, like the one below…


Yup, looks to be the same type as used on US MH/HH-60s.

That looks like it. Photo I saw was in a hanger and turret was white (test fit?) , but … Thanks guys. Looks like the one in the Airfix kit is about the right size.

The kits .50 cal mount has the ammo box mounted on the gun mount. The photo looks like there was a larger ammo box in the cabin. This looks 'bout right. Maybe a touch more forward.

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Looking forward to seeing this project come together.
The Lynx is my favourite helicopter.