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New from Das Werk, the Raupenschlepper Ost RSO/01 Type 470

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“In cooperation with a well known manufacturer”. Dragon? Italeri ? Who else made a 1/35 RSO?

Das Werk is known to have used Dragon kits as the basis ofr some of their previous releases, so chances are this is the Dragon RSO.

The Italeri kit’s mold date back to the old Perless brand, so hopefully that’s not it.

I’m guessing this is a re-pop of Dragon 6691, which is great news.

That was a popular kit and it has pretty much disappeared for a while now. You can find a few at Ebay for greatly elevated prices.

I’ll be snatching this offering up from Das Work. Let’s hope they’ve done new and improved instructions!

The Dragon logo is on the sprues.
The two PE-frets are labeled MA-6691 and MB-6691 respectively.
The decal sheet is new :smiley: and has markings for five different WH vehicles

Best of all is that the box has room for at least 2 or maybe three more RSO-kits …

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Ah, but wait a minute: wasn’t Dragon’s kit reported as being woefully under scale in some areas?

Not to carp for the sake of it but I understood that the ancient Peerless/Max/Italeri one was the more accurate dimensionally - but I’m no Wehrmacht expert by any means. I also have to add that, sadly, I cannot recall where I came across that info.

What’s your source on that?

Yep, I remember having read that somewhere as well. Guess it is a matter of searching internet…

There’s a bit of a debate about it here:

TRACK-LINK / Forums / Modelling / Kits / Dragon RSO/03 kit #6684

which looks fairly damning; I’m not sure though if this is where I first saw mention of it all, anyway, for completeness’ sake it’s probably worth a read.

Oh dear …
Load bed is wider than the tracks and the cabin

Load bed is narrower than the tracks, cabin is almost as wide as the load bed

Both the cabin and the load bed are too narrow