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Das Werk announces a new le.SPW Sd.Kfz.250/1 Ausf.B (neu)

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This is going to sell like hotcakes. The Dragon 250s are over-priced and the Tamiyas are too old to be worth bothering with these days.

It looks like a really nice rendering.

Seems to be the Dragon kit? All the PE is the same. The Price will be interesting (compared to Dragon…).


Still have the Cyber Hobby Orange Box kit in my stash. The price was OK while it was still available. What bothers me with the Dragon kits are the drive sprockets. You have the choice between poorly detailed but correct ones, and better detailed but incorrect ones. Now that would be something for the 3D-printers.

I’d say it is the Dragon kit, based on their previous collaborations, and if so, Will have Dragon’s issues - Drive sprocket as said and same Engine compartment roof fit issues …

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As there are no SdKfz 250B kits from other manufacturers AFAIK, I agree it must be the Dragon kit. What are the engine compartment roof issues you mentioned petbat?

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There’s a video on YouTube from MBK going over it and the instructions are the same as the dragon kit. MBK is taking preorders for 43 euros…

And I have not built my a or b versions from dragon, yet. 5 years late. I am one who is not afraid of aftermarket and the Tamiya A version of Grief" plus their old SdKfz 7 and 8 can still be upgraded to today’s standards with lots of love and reference materials. But avoid them if you are an out of the box-er or don’t want to spend money on upgrades. I was given a set of new front wheels produced by an engineering firm about 10 years back as a gift from a Missing Lynx member and those wheels still out rank any wheels for the 7 0r 8 series produced since then.
I have come to see Das Werk as a rebranding business.

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The engine bay roof and the front visor section are one piece. You have to slice into the styrene on the inside so you can carefully bend the visor piece backward to fit against the rest of the hull. Otherwise the visor piece is canted too far forward and you have a massive ‘v’ shaped gap between it and the sides and the angle is wrong.

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And yet again ANOTHER German vehicle that has been done, done and overdone.
How exciting! Yawn

Doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement over the Dragon Model offerings. But judging from the responses I guess there’s a strong market for it. I just keep thinking of stuff that’s never been kitted yet - but that’s just me.

Why does it say “Only in Europe”?

As predicted - Scalemates shows this is a Dragon rebox only - no new parts: