DDR Strichtarn Camo

I just received some Alanger DDR infantrymen (same as the ICM ones) to add to a diorama i previously finished. The paint scheme for the uniform calls for matt khaki with a dark khaki raindrop from humbrol paints. Maybe I’m overthinking it but weren’t those uniforms just a dark field gray with brown raindrops? Has anyone painted this uniform before or have a tutorial on how to do it?

The base color was definitely lighter and browner than their feldgrau uniforms. There is the usual variation in manufacturing and from aging, and from lighting in photography.

The buttons and findings were FG though.


@KurtLaughlin hmmm i may have to play around with some field grey paints and see if i can lighten them with khaki, brown and white. Maybe a field grey highlight may be light enough then darken it with a pinch of brown. I’ve also seen some say it’s a grey-green as well, I’m just trying to see where i should start.

Edit: i did some digging and found a wargaming article where the guy says he used Vallejo khaki grey. My only question is if that’s because 15mm figures are far smaller than 1/35 scale figures? I think khaki grey would be a good start for a base. Whatcha think?