Decal Set: D-Day 50th Anniversary | AeroScale

Target Decals is to release in the near future a new 1:72 scale decal set covering the aircraft with 50th Anniversary marking for the D-Day landings

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These look great, but I am a little confused. The 50th Anniversary of D-Day was 1994. I believe these are added for the 75th (2019) and 80th (2024) Anniversaries.

75th Ann.
75 Years Ago Today: Invasion Stripes Became the Markings That Saved Allied Lives

80th Ann.
Ramstein C-130s Get Invasion Stripes For D-Day Commemoration

These are retro anniversary marking for aircraft from June, 1994. If you look closely at the decal placement guide for this decal set, you will see the year for these markings is for June,1994. So these decals are for the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Just added an image for the cover of the decal set [AIR72-027] and there seems to be even more marking options included than the instructions suggest…

OK, disregard then. I missed that part.