Decal softeners

One more returning Que. to You all [ Till next one ] . What are some premier softeners as of today ? In the past I’ve used micro sol & set , without great results. Didn’t really conform so well , certainly didn’t remove borders. Model building tech marches on & I hope there’s something a bit more helpful. playing catch up , K .

What kind of decals? Microset and microsol work well on thinner decals but not so well on thick decals. Mr softer and mr setter work really well but be warned that mr softer is very hot, make sure none pools or it will eat paint

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I’m guessing Mr. Softer is from the same Mfgr. It wasn’t around when I last modeled .Tks.

Mr. Softer is made by GSI Creos, or “Gunze”, as they’re generically known. It is very hot and will soften even the thickest of decals. All of Gunze’s products begin with “Mr.” as in “Mr. Softer”, “Mr. Self Levelling Thinner”, etc. Different company from Micro-Sol.

Yes, my bad, I should have clarified. @SSGToms provides good info.

One thing with mr setter and mr softer is that the brushes on them stink! They are very thick and make precise application hard which is important with the hotter softer. I tend to use and old 0 red sable brush that has passed its point of usefulness for its original purpose

I should also add I don’t find the instructions on microset work well. I instead will wet the decal with it give it a minute or two and then roll it fairly aggressively with a cotton swab that is moist with more setter. This really allows the decal to hug down. Once satisfied I’ll then put some microsol on it and let it sit for an hour or so without touching it. If it still hasn’t fully sat down I’ll repeat microsol unti it sits

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That sounds like an Aha discovery. I agree So much about the translation difficulties in products. Tks.

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I prefer Solvaset which is marketed by Walthers. It works great with thinner decals like Cartograf and I’ve even been able to get Tamiya decals to settle down over zimmerit with it. As with all setting solutions you’ll need to use more than one coat and prep all your surfaces first(gloss coat).