Deciding what to build from the stash?

While I have a few “wing things” in the stash armor is my love. The stash is quite large and I am often stumped as what to do next. If I am coming of a tedious 1000 part kit I like to do a “pallet cleanser” or a simple, down & dirty build, something with a “live track”, belt style track or a link & length track. Those indy link kits grind to a halt quickly.
Or, I’ll take a finished kit out and do a simple diorama, something different.
Have fun on whatever you decide !

I clearly don’t know how to ‘play’ this game. While my wife considers my stash to be sizable, it doesn’t come close to some of the accumulations that I’ve seen in these precincts. And it doesn’t include a tank destroyer, or a Tiger for that matter. I mostly do wingie thingies, but there is some armor, cars and boats in there. I mostly sort through the campaign proposals and if there’s something intriguing that I can twist to fit a kit I collected then it’s off to the races, and with a LOT of luck, I might just get it finished in time. :wave:

How do I decide what to build? It is simply a matter of whatever kit I get excited about at any given moment. It’s usually not a kit that’s already in my stash, unfortunately. I find I often will get interested in a particular kit, only to see something else that catches my fancy even more while I am researching the first kit. Recently, I was looking to build an older Navy jet(I am mostly an armor guy). I was on ebay looking for a 1/48 scale A-7E Corsair, but then I also started considering an F-8 Crusader. I ended up buying a 1/72 scale F4D-1 Skyray. This happened over a period of 2 days. By the way, what do you guys consider a large stash? I have about 40 kits in my stash. Some guys in my club have over 1000. I’m realistic enough to realize I can never build that many kits, so I keep my stash quite small. I went to IPMS Nats in August. I bought 5 kits. Then 2 weeks later, I sold 8 kits to a fellow club member. I find that if a kit has been in my stash for more than 2 or 3 years, I’m probably not gonna build it, and that makes it easier to part with.

There are a few here that live in a warehouse of kits.

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To me that’s a big stash. If you need a separate area to store them like a whole cupboard or set of shelves then it’s large stash (maybe 100+)

1000 kits is a huge stash :slight_smile:

All subjective of course. I am at just about 100 myself. Only duplicate I have is I have 2 USS New Jersey’s but I have the aftermarket to build 1 as USS Wisconsin.

A large stash is defined by SWMBO. So the number may vary.

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So my 4 x huge stash is actually a small to average stash since me beloved accepts it …
Good to know
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and some exter words.

I was rearranging some stuff in the basement including adding the new Bronco Su-152 to the small stash I have. And it really is an inconvenient box size and my thought was - I should do this next.

That Scandinavian guy - he’s a smart one. We should all keep our eye on him.

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Ah yes … those oversize Bronco boxes.

I had to do some creative thinking and perform some cardboard surgery to cut them back to size.
Looks a bit odd with the front boxart folded over to the side of the box
a modeller has to do what a modeller has to do …