DEF Model Wheels For The M1117

I test-fitted them thinking the DEF Model wheels were supposed to be drop-in replacements. Oops, found out otherwise! Anybody done this operation themselves?

Which type do you have?

The early set:

Or the redesigned set

The redesigned should be drop fit:

The second picture. Problem is, the fit is actually loose. Do I just glue it into the middle?

One possibility would be to cut a thin strip of tape and continue wrapping around the hub until you have a snug fit to the ID of the wheel.


If you have styrene stock (Evergreen or such) work out what thickness you need to slip in between the wheel and hub for a snug fit. Then cut short lengths and glue them to your hub from outside edge toward the hub. 4 lengths minimum top, bottom and sides but more is better so there is more contact points to glue. That will ensure that the fit is centred and true and will be strong enough to stop the wheel coming off.