Default view on Forum homepage? Where to set Preferences

So for the observant out there I have changed the default view on the homepage from “Categories” to “Latest”. I did this because a staffer (who shall remain nameless) was unsure of a simple view to find all the most recent posts so they were clicking into each forum to find them. So I thought for a bit a least I would have the default page be the Latest page so that people can see that this page exists.

You can of course (in your user preferences area) set your homepage view to many options.



Which page do you think is better for you?
(you will need to be in the actual topic to vote or see voting stats: Default view on Forum homepage? Where to set Preferences - #3)

  • Category view (has mix of categories and recent topics)
  • Latest view (just a list of recent topics)
  • New (topics new since last visit)
  • Unread (unread topics)
  • Top (popular topics)

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Thanks for your feedback!


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Nothing to see here


aha, so that’s the explanation for the changed appearance …
Can’t say that I mind either way, the buttons are easy to click if I want to change the view :grin:

Didn’t vote since it doesn’t matter either way

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Ok, that helped with way that change happened.

Did you or discourse move the like button from left side to right side of the screen for mobile users?

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Thanks for the explanations, Jím!

I got a bit confused when I opened the Kitmaker side earlier today for my daily dosis. Honestly I prefer the category view and set my preferences back (and voted also …)

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Thanks for the explanation Jim

I was about to reinstall my browser thinking it was broken :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah that was probably in one of the recent patches I guess.

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you know i didn’t even realize i was able to change that, thanks jim. actuall since i can chose my own default page i guess it doesn’t matter to me but if i had to choose i would go with categories as the home page since it lays out in one view where you can go.


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I’m sticking with the “Categories” view, and voted accordingly.


I’ve turned my settings inside out and don’t see any ‘interface’. What am I missing/


Thanks but I don’t get a page anything like that. I’m getting this -

If I hit Preferences I get this -

Robin I got it. No idea what I was doing but I eventually stopped hitting the wrong keys!!!


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Well that’s odd. I wonder if you somehow are getting the mobile view. Is that on an iPad or something?

I’m using a laptop.

FWIW I cant get it back again today!!!


Bruce - It should be set to default to Latest now. I went in to your settings and made the change myself.

I hope that is the page you were wanting. :smiley:


Thanks. Yes that’s what I’m after.

I have the AFV bookmarked. When I open it up I get the ‘old’ view. But if I hit ‘refresh’ its all good to go. So something in my system? I’ve now re bookmarked the site and it seems to be working fine now.


Yeah if you go to a specific forum you will just see the default view that forum is set to. I don’t think you can control that view next visit, etc.

This setting is just for the main homepage view.