Defender Land Rover


Here the defender Hobbyboss.

A second Clansman wing box with antenna base was added.
Combat Identification Panels from Blackdog
Resin wheels from DEF Model
Resin rolled tarps on the front.


Looks very nice @terminator . Were there any issues with fit or parts … How was the assembly ? it’s one I’m very keen to get so would love a run down on it :+1:

Johnny, thank you.

The kit is quite good, well detailled. Doors are a bit difficult to put in place correctly.

The top round location of the side antenna mounts does not have any hole. It must be drilled if you don’t glue any antenna base on it.

Pay attention to the chassis built to have the 4 wheels who touch the ground.


Great to see a Landy model- and a nice one it is too- you’ve captured the color and the look well.

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Tank you for the comment.

Fabulous build and detail … if this is second gulf the chevrons should follow around the vehicle…
Great paint job

Thank you very much. Yes it is a Land Rover during Telic operation.

About chevrons, it should have one on rear door and one on engine hood ?

The very few pics of this vehicle I have found don’t show any chevron, perhaps they have gone because of wear ?
By the way, Hobbyboss only give 2 chevrons in their decal sheet, however I have a spare chevron decal from another kit I have used to build a Snatch Land Rover.