Der deutsche Sandsack

While often questions pop up about the size of ordinary Sandsäcke (Sandbags), I attach some pics of German Sandsäcke. in 2019, there was a promotional action of the THW to get new members. THW or Technisches Hilfswerk is a disater relief organisation here in Germany. I was called Sandsack Challenge and happened in many cities allover Germany.

As a scale, the pallet underneath the bags is 1200mm by 800mm or 48 inch by 32 inch.

Bundeswehr Sandbags “in action”

Pallet size again 1200mm by 800 mm.


As a sidenote, the white sandbags are especially made for disaster relief. They are currently used during the heavy flood in western parts of Germany. The material is decaying, so they don`t need to be collected and emptied.

There are als special devices where you can fill sandbags en masse.

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