DH.89 Dragon Rapide New Year Release | AeroScale

The first release by Armory of a series of new tool 1:48 scale DH.89 Dragon Rapides will have marking for three aircraft operated by British company Railway Air Service

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What medium? Injection molded styrene? Cast resin ? 3D print ?

The kit is injected styrene plastic.

If the side view drawings are anything to go by, this could be the first accurate Rapide kit anywhere in any scale. The windows, canopy and nose cone are the right shape; all previous kits, and the published drawing on which they were based, got these details very noticeably wrong,

What remains to be seen are the wings and tailplane. Wing rib spacing and ply reinforcement, not to mention wheel track, have so far never been accurately reproduced, nor has the inverse cranked rear spar of both wings over the innermost two rib bays. If Armory got these right, they’ve really done their homework!

The DH89 and 89A have different tailplanes, that of the 89 being shorter with more overhung elevator tips than the 89A. Essentially, it was the DH84 Dragon tail left unaltered. Again, let’s hope Armory has got this right.

Oddly, the side views show both fuselage and wingtip navigation lights. One or the other, guys! Can’t have both at once… No rudder light on the 89, either.

Waiting anxiously to see this kit in its final form. Lots of gorgeous colour schemes were applied to the pre-war DH89s, including an all-gold one with red trim in Australia!

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