Did any late King Tigers use 9 tooth sprockets,

I have the academy Airfix kit which the paint guide says to use the 9 tooth sprocket

I think it depends what you mean by “late”, and “any”.
According to Jentz and Doyle in the 1993 Osprey book, the original track design was used with an 18 tooth sprocket, but was prone to uneven wear and being thrown.

From May 44, a new track design started to be fitted in combination with a 9 tooth sprocket, and this track and sprocket type was also retrofitted to tanks produced prior to this.

From March 45, the track was further revised and the sprocket used with it reverted to 18 teeth.

Looking at production figures, only 11 KTs were produced prior to March 44, and only 45 produced in March 45, after which production ceased, which suggests around 600 received 9 teeth sprockets at the point of manufacture.

So it depends on what you regard as late - Jan and Feb 45 saw 95 units produced, seemingly with 9 teeth, and there was only one further month in which any more were produced at all, some of which at least had 18 teeth. Obviously this is rounded up to months, exact dates of change unknown, which suggests probably fewer than all 45 of the March 45 production had 18 teeth.

Great information thank you a ton I had no idea the number we so low for the late King Tiger. I am thinking of doing black 402 which has the late finders and the nine tooth sprocket along with the red outlined crosses on the turret.

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