Dimensions For Swiss Markings For Bf109 G-6?

Does anyone know the dimensions of Swiss markings for Bf109 G-6? Google doesn’t like me so I am not doing well finding this info out.
A 1/48 scale decal set would be awesome, but I can’t seen to find those either.

Peddinghaus 1/48 decals Swiss for 109

One might need a chain saw to cut that Kevlar like Peddinghaus decal film.

Here’s a few others.

Ebay Swiss 109 decal sets

you could pic up the swiss tamiya kit for the price of just decals. Are you trying to build with the red in decal ? when I did my build I painted the red.

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Painting is now the plan. Someone sent me some good illustrations that can get the dimensions off of.

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If I could maybe give a tip. For the area of the number I used the Tamiya 6mm masking tape. I feel it left enough green masked off to have the numbers not touching the white stripe. This area I

found to be kinda tricky otherwise.