Dimensions required

Hi, I’m hoping all you friendly model ship makers will be able to offer some help. I’m usually an armour guy but was recently seduced over to the dark side by memories of an old black and white photo of HMS Rodney that my Dad used to own. I’ve always been fascinated by the three turret arrangement. To cut a long story short I ordered Trumpeter’s 1/200 Rodney as a retirement project (whenever that will be!). Once bitten… Trumpeter’s Hornet and Iowa in 1/200 followed quickly before finishing off (or rather before my credit card collapses) with Trumpeter’s 1/48 Type VII U Boat. Now, whilst I am still earning, I want to buy acrylic cases to put them all in when I eventually start building. My question to those brave souls who have already completed any of these kits is: what are the dimensions (in mm preferably) between bottom of the hull and highest point of any mast for east kit? I just need to ensure I order sufficiently large cases as the damn things look like they might cost more than the kits themselves!