DioBros K200A1 IFV | Armorama™

Diobros is a new company whose first kit will be the Malaysian Infantry Fighting Vehicle K200A1

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/diobros-k200a1-ifv

The sprues look like the sprues in Academy’s K200.
The images of the sprues do not show the lower hull tub so
I wonder if there are other parts that are not shown.
If I produced new parts for a kit I would definitely highlight
the fact that there are fancy new bits to make a special version.
IMHO this is a straight rebox of the Academy kit, presumably with
new paint scheme and new decals.
The original Academy kit contained both rubber tracks and
indy link tracks. Only the indy-links are shown on the new box-art.

Interesting kit- always good to see a new company doing stuff that has not been done before.

The camouflages make me shiver… :sweat_smile:

99.9% sure it is a rebox of the Academy kit. The missing D and E sprues in the layout pic are the Academy interior sprues. It looks like all that is new are the decals.