Discount Models shops

Anyone remember the days you could buy discount models from places like APC hobbies? Now you have to bid on models for way more than they are worth. Does anyone know of someone that sells old kits that doesn’t expect a kidney as well as the cash? Help an old modeler out and let me know what you think.

There are a few online shops that have a section where you can buy returns or kits with beat up boxes and such that are discounted below their online prices. Unfortunately I can’t remember which ones. Perhaps others will be more helpful in that regard.

I don’t know of any shops or websites. There was a store in Jacksonville, FL many moons ago, The Kit Bunker, that had a great used section. He ran it out of a large garage next to his roofing business on his property and would buy/sell used/old kits. It was only open in the evenings and weekends.

You could try the Buy, Sell, Trade forum here. I have bought/sold/traded many kits there.

The prices are what the market bears. Ref this thread:

Firstly, welcome to the new forum.
I have to second what HeavyArty had to say about the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the forum.
Over the years I’ve purchased many kits from folks on the site and have gotten some sweet deals.
Somewhere (probably in the archived forum) is a thread listing ‘good sellers’ where the posting party relates their experience when purchasing. When I was in a buying mode I’d always cross reference the seller against that list or google the sellers ID within the forum to see if there were any negative posts etc.


The other great place to get attractively priced kits is to attend local IPMS club meetings and regional model shows once the pandemic allows. The club meetings often include trade & sell time. The shows always have vendors selling kits at great prices and folks with big stashes trying to thin the herd.

Good luck!


Most of my bargains over the years have been as a consequence of being a member of a modelling club. Whether from shows I attended, people I know who are offloading stuff or people who know people I know, the vendors are generally motivated to make space rather than maximise profit so that creates opportunities to do deals at sub-retail prices.

And I’m a patient trader, which means I’m willing to wait years to find some things, as there are always other projects that can fill my time. If you must have kit X and you must have it now, expect to be paying a higher price than if you will accept a wider range of kits and are willing to wait.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments and I have also picked up good kits at a decent price when traveling to shows. Unfortunately COVID has delayed several of my normal chances to go to a show.
I also understand that the price follows supply and demand, and I’m willing to wait for the right price that I’m willing to pay for a kit.
Just was on a rant this morning… Just enjoy building an armor kit without feeling violated (if you understand where I’m coming from).
With modeling it some times feels like you have multiple hobbies rolled into one. Collection of reference material, how to material, kits, after market products…