Do I need a purpose/seperate brush cleaning fluid, instead of airbrush cleaner?

As I’m selecting products for my large order to place next week.
I was searching the forum and scrolling through previous recent topics I placed.
And search results from a few search terms I did in the search function of the forum.
But one question remains unclear to me.
Do I need an special purpose brush cleaning fluid or solution?
Currently I’m using Mr. Airbrush Cleaner to clean my paintbrushes as well as my airbrush.
But as I’ve read the previous answers and tips I got on previous posted topics of mine.
I’m wondering if I’m using the right product for the job.
Since ‘swishing’ my brushes in the airbrush cleaner, without hitting the bottom of the container.
Only removes some of the color in the brush, when I wipe it and pinch it between my fingers with the paper towel. I still see there is a lot of paint coming out of the brush.
Would the Masters Brush Cleaner be used for this purpose?
Or do I need a special purpose fluid for this job?
Or just nothing and doing it good already?
I’m not sure and want to find out if I’m on the right track, or not.
And if I’m needing to purchase a seperate product for cleaning my brushes between colors and painting sessions and breaks.
Or if I just can keep using the airbrush cleaner.

Solvents like AB cleaner or thinners can be detrimental to brushes, especially if they’re natural hair.

Masters is made for cleaning brushes and works well. As always, minimizing how much paint accumulates in your brush is the best way to keep them clean. Rinse frequently and change your rinse water.

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Some art supply stores sell a jar that has a screen or something like it inside the jar. The screen sits about 1/3 the way off the bottom. You fill with cleaning solution and drag your brush across the screen. The paint comes off and eventually settles to the bottom of the jar. As you pass the brush over the screen it opens the bristles so cleaning fluid can get into the brush.
There is an item called Pink Soap that is supposed to help with extending the life of your brushes.

Are you happy with the results of your current cleaner. If so… stick with what works for you. I still use Floquil Dio Sol to clean my Winsor Newton series 7 brushes. Been doing it that way since the 1960s. My brushes last a long time.

I’m not completely satisfied with what I currently use. Since the current solution I use doesn’t seem to remove the paint that’s in the brush. I have taken a look at And I found a Mr. Hobby brush cleaning fluid which does remove acrylic and enamel paints out of brushes. Or so they claim I believe. I think I’m going to try that out. Here it is: Mr. Brush Cleaner Flued - 110 ML - # gunze t118

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Let us know how it works out!

I use lacquer thinner to clean the brush then pink soap when I am done.