Docx files help needed

hi folks,

I’m a dinosaur and I know it.
my wife has been sent some files to fill in for her new job which end in the file extension .docx

we can’t open them and don’t know where to turn to open them, is there some sort of free software available that we can download and install on her windows laptop?

.docx is a word document using Microsoft greater then 2003 version as I recall. I have used OpenOffice in the past as a free Microsoft office alternative. If you use google docs, might be able to open as well.


Depending how fancy it is and how it’s intended to be used like printed off and signed etc, she could save as to an earlier version as a test if it doesn’t mess up the document.

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Google docs will work, but every once and a while it’ll do a number on the formatting (layout) if there’s anything too fancy going on in the document.

Strange you can’t open them at all though unless you’re using a truly ancient copy of MS Office.

He’s a Scot, so he is probably running a jerry rigged version of Windows 95, if that new. :joy:


LibreOffice should do the job :wink:


Your best bet is to convert to a pdf. If you have an internet connection, you can use Google Drive. It’s free and fairly intuitive to use. Just upload the .docx files, open them (Google Drive will open the file in Google Docs), and then print it off.

Thanks for all the help guys, the problem is that these documents have to be filled out online and printing them up and sending them back is not what my wife’s new employer wants.

@Canmedic i did manage to open them with MS word but i couldn’t write anything into the so that option was useless as far as my wife’s needs are concerned. i’m pretty sure you are right i have an ancient copy of MS Office… wonder if i can find a newer version that costs nothing to download.

Ooh Ryan you racist…lol good job i’m not one of these modern day snowflakes or i would have been crying into my pillow all night long hahahahahaha

@Frenchy you are a genius sir, i was showing the wife this post and i will download that on to her laptop tomorrow when i get home from another 15 hour night-shift.

@DennisatAutoloader i’m not familiar with google docs and the like so will need to look that up and play around with it, there might be some youtube videos to help an old fart like me.

thanks guys, if i told what this was for and the job that my wife has put in for and got, you’d laugh your socks off.



You’re welcome David. We’ve installed it on all the public computers at the library because it’s free and it works fine…You can take my Word® :wink:



David have you tried a .docx to .doc converter? Google it.

If you convert to the old .doc format, you should be able to open it in your older version of Word. When you send it back, their newer version of Office will open it no problem.

It is quite surprising it was sent in .docx format, not as a fillable .pdf .

Libre Office

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@petbat Peter if you have a downloadable free copy of that software then let me know and I will install that in the morning as well.

my wife Nicola is applying for a job with the local council…enough said lol

oh and I phoned said council this morning about these files and was told to email the HR department ad they are short staffed due to covid. I told them I did that on Sunday to be told that the person checking the emails had covid and was isolating…you couldn’t make this up if you tried!


I don’t have the conversion software myself as I have access to a more recent version of Word.

Do you know anyone that has a more recent MS word program that can deal with .docx files? They can change it to a .doc file for you easily by just opening it and using the programs 'Save As" option to select the older .doc as the save file format. Or try a Print shop or even your local library!

@petbat I will try that thing Frenchy told me about first, then look at the other options.
I really need to find a more updated version of office without having to shell out £100.

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Seriously, Libreoffice is a free download, runs on Windows or Linux and is almost as good as MS Office, the only weakness was Macro language and I don’t think you will be bothered about that. I have just done a spreadsheet using Libre Office for someone else who uses MS Office, all worked fine in MSOffice. Best of all it is free, with no adverts or mal-ware.

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I’ll second Amegan, LibreOffice is excellent. It’s free, very well maintained, receives regular updates and for most people does everything MS Office does. Have a try at it. The install is easy and doesn’t include a load of irritating bloatware. If you don’t like it, the uninstall is effective and it doesn’t harass you with those noxious offers that try and entice you back.