Does this section ever get into early toy soldiers?

Just wondering if this section of the Figure Forum (Armor) ever touches on collecting, or even just discussing the old cast toy figures from the 1920s, 30s and 40s???

These are circa 1920s Barclay Manoil hollow cast toy figures. (Lead I believe.) With attached tin or nickel helmets.


I recently came across these (and more.) in a local collection. I have repaired some of the broken ones but was wondering if repainting them would improve their value or destroy it?

With just a few exceptions here and there, these 20 or so figures are all still in their original paint though clearly they are in a very well used condition.

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Simple rule is never mess with patina.


I remember seeing bins of those things in a chain store 5 & 10. They couldn’t Gove them away back then.

I agree… NEVER restore or repaint them.

These are the the only two I still have.