Dragon 1/35 DAK 8T Half-Track & Flak 36 88mm - Crew Equipment & Ammunition

Hi, can anyone recommend after-market kits that I can use to stuff the Half-Track with ammo and crew kit (including jerry cans, ration boxes, that kind of thing) I would be most grateful.

Years ago, it was easy, you simply reached for the Verlinden catalogue…

I’m lacking inspiration and don’t really have a feel for whats out there.


Panzer Art out of Poland have a good selection of German bits and figures.

Black Dog also do a German equipment set but I don’t see any figures that would work. Their website is kinda infuriating though

Value Gear stowage and the MiniArt Jerry can set.

Masterbox 35137 “Off to the Front” for the figures.
German Infantry “Off to the front” Vehicle riders, WW II Era Master Box 35137 (super-hobby.co.uk)

Great info everyone.

Do Archer do dry prints for equipment stencilling? More for like boxes and crates, that sort of thing.

Archer are no longer producing dry transfers. They’re slowly shifting production over to water slide products.

They used to do a few sets of crate stencils, but you’re going to need to track them down through third party resellers at this point.

Interesting. I’m wondering if with regards to the half-track, which comes with DAK Wermacht markings, do I need to source seperate DAK Luftwaffe Flak unit decals, or did the Luftwaffe Flak units come under the same banner with regards to divisional/palm tree markings etc?