Dragon (1/35) M4A3(76) with Sandbag Armor


I’d like to share my recent WIP.

Dragon 1/35 M4A3(76)w Sherman with sandbag armor

Tracks, final drives and idler arm are 3D printed Resin from a friend.

The sandbag armor is some inexpensive resin set from China, but I think part of it is based on the old Legends set. Had to tweak the parts. I realized too late that parts of the turret sandbag armor slightly blocked the vision of the commander to his right. Should have shaved off a bit of the sandbag.

Thanks for looking.


Nice job

You mean a pirate copy?

Oh. I apologize for using recasted parts. I didn’t know specifically that they were bootleg (call me naive, I that was the first time I tried from the store) before I attached them to the kit. I haven’t bought any more since. I’ll gladly remove this post if it breaks forum rules.