Dragon Arab war kits question

I know Dragon has become a bit of a dirty word in recent times but I was a wondering if anyone had built any of their Arab war kits e.g. stug, su-100, jagdpanzer or the panzer iv (insert letter of your choice).

what are the external differences from their World War 2 days as opposed to being in middle East countries armies?

i have built the T-34/85 arab version kit,my first time building a T-34 style,though, the only difference i could see was the machine gun ring/dshk style machine gun on the commanders turrett

David I have built their SU-100 but did use the Accurate Armor conversion set to make it an Egyptian SU-100 ( actually it’s an SD-100, a licensed built Czech version). It went together fine with no problems.

Sorry David didn’t realize that I gave you this information in another topic- the one about my Egyptian SU-100. I’m not sure about the Dragon kits with the Egyptian-specific parts.

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