Dragon Replacement parts question

Does anyone know if its possible to get replacement parts from Dragon for my M2 M3 U S halftracks suspension drive train, part number D22 , or is it going to be a case of getting them made ?

Did you lose only one out of the eight?

No lost about 5-6 over the 7 kits i have on the go at the moment

Man, that sucks …
I have never tried Dragons customer care …

Unlikely to get these from Dragon and you may be better off speaking nicely to someone with a 3D printer

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You might check with fcmodeltrend.com
They have #37068 Track and bogie set for 16.89 Euro
You migh have to do a search on their web site as they don’t have it listed on their home page.
I was just there and it says they are in stock.

Sometimes one can find spare parts for Dragon kits for sale on ebay.

My past experience with Dragon Customer Service/Customer Care: if you can produce the receipt proving you made the kit purchase, they may help.

Or not, depending on if parts are available, how they feel or which way the wind blew last night.

From my experience as long as you have proof of purchase from a retailer and the kit is still in production it shouldn’t be a problem. They usually respond within a few business days of your request.

Check with beaddreamllc on ebay. He specializes in “spare” sprues. Remember, the parts for probably all of Dragons US half tracks are the same. dont look at JUST the kit you have, (Look on Scalemates and look at the instructions sheets to verify that. Also, look at other makers kits. They may be the same or close part. Also just do a search for " US halftrack parts" on ebay.

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Personally, I’m very disappointed with Dragon’s customer service. I received a kit as a Christmas gift and added it to my stash. When it came time to build it I found one sprue missing and 2 copies of another sprue. After forwarding pictures of the duplicate sprue and asking for a replacement of the missing sprue they bluntly let me know they could do nothing without proof of purchase and didn’t care if it had been received as a gift 2 years prior. Dragon’s off my list for manufacturers.

Aftermarket replacements or Ebay may work for you or, with a bit more effort, you could cast your own copies. Admittedly, not everyone’s cup of tea.

Your mileage may vary with Dragon and I hope you have better luck than I had.


I am not sure if Dragon Care still provides the service. Last time I tried like 4 years ago, Dragon said they DON’T CARE, and you cannot purchase replacement parts they said. Plus, those halftracks may be out of production, too. Even when I was successful at getting the part, it took them like a year to fulfill the request. Dragon Care - Global Access Service System is the main website.

If you are in the US, I could CAD and 3D print it but you’ll have to wait until I find some free time.

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Try eBay.

Search for the “Parts tree” or “sprue” for that kit. Yeah, I know it’s not ideal…

Thank you all guys, bought 2 sets of fc modeltrend track units.