Dragon Tiger I build

This has been calling my name for quite some time.
It will be #111 sPzAbt 502

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Where I am tonight.

Picked up RFM’s mirrored track in 3D.
Best track that I’ve ever made.

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And so it begins.

I have started this new kit after working so hard on my pile of shame, but it was calling my name.

Which build are you calling your “pile of shame?”

I’ve got a pile of half built kits and I’ve been hard at getting them done but I fell off the wagon on this one

Want to fix any errors? I get that impression.


That pretty much describes my entire stash and method of modeling!

I’m slowly getting that pile down now.

Funny, mine keeps getting bigger!

Dan I have a couple of these Tigers in my stash and would love to tackle one so I’ll be watching……but after I finish the other projects I have going lol.

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Their Tiger’s are fine kits.