Drying a model

Just make sure you don’t start a third kit before the first is finished.
One in assembly and one waiting for paint to cure

Very true, and does that good intention work for you? :nerd_face:

I haven’t started a new kit the last 10 months.
I haven’t had time to dig down to the surface of the work table, it got
drowned in other stuff 10 years ago …
Sigh …
I’ll get there, some day, sometime …

10 years ago???

I am a bit in a strange situation myself; COVID has completely destroyed the borderline between work time and hobby time; I am alwasy working, and always doing something else at the same time. all together, not very productive on either front. :frowning:

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I work from home too and I understand what you mean.
Family needs to have priority and the hobby corner has become a default area for things I need to fix “later”

Ooops; that’s where I’m going wrong!

Quoted for truth.

Starting projects while other project waited to cure or waited on parts, resulted in ~dozen works in process.

Have it down to seven finally. It’s a struggle to wrap stuff that’s sat for a while.

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Sometimes I put mine atop my dehumidifier. In the warm season I put it outside under a clear bowl to keep dust off but that can heat up detrimentally, too.

Depends if it is styrene, resin, 3D printing gunk, or metal. About a year ago, someone asked how to clean the frosting off 3D printed parts, and someone posted a great reply that the gunk starts to soften at xx degrees. IIRC above boiling water temp. What temp do casting resins start to soften?. I’d guess that so long as you keep the temps below those points, you will avoid warping/melting.

Resin parts can be un-warped by heating with a blow dryer or immersed in hot water …

That’s a little late, 6+ on the go.

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For drying gloss paint, I have a plastic display case for a die cast car. I set the freshly painted car body on a small block on a table. The block is small enough to fit inside the car body and tall enough to keep the edges of the body off of the table.I place the plastic cover over the car body and add some pencils under the plastic cover. There is about a quarter inch gap between the plastic cover and the table. There is room for air exchange but the cover keeps junk in the air off of the paint while it dries.

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