DS T54E1 tracks wanted

Don’t like Dragon DS Sherman tracks? I do, and I need several sets of T54E1 tracks for IDF projects. I’ll buy or trade, I have some weird Sherman parts laying around…
Also good would be the tracks from the “new” Tamiya M1 Sherman.

I had one or two sets of T54E1 but they have disintegrated …

Bummer. I’ve never had an issue with any of them.

It’s a hit-n-miss game.
I checked the wheels in two of my Dragon Sd.Kfz. 7, one bag was in pristine condition with nice wheels inside, the other had shriveled and the wheels looked like three small dried out shrimps.
You have been lucky and gotten kits from those production batches which didn’t have problems.
My score so far is about 50/50, it sucks to be “forced” to get AM-tracks for 2 dozen Pz III/IV-chassis …

@rfbaer, these right?

Message me your address, I have no use for them.

@Robin_Nilsson I have similar experiences, like these Tiger tracks that are hard and crumbly.

Yes! PM on the way… as soon as I figure out how.
Edit: Okay. When I click on your name, I don’t get the “message” tab. If you don’t mind, shoot me an email at “offroadwine at yahoo dot com” and I’ll give you my addy.

@rfbaer that’s odd! I recently received a message from another member who sold me a kit so it’s really strange that you didn’t find a message tab. I hope I haven’t messed up my account!

Anyway I’ve sent you a message so we should be good

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Ken, if I pissed you off I’m sorry!

That certainly ain’t it Matt!

I must have hit something with my fat thumbs while nosing around in my account?

Edit: in fact, if you could look again @SSGToms? I may have fixed it?

@Armorfarm Yep Ken you fixed it. I’m back on your good side. :grin:

Ken: PM sent. Is there anything at all you might be interested in as compensation? I have lots of M60-related bits around…