Dukw. France 1944

Dukw France 1944
Good morning. Another work I had in the window. Dukw of italeri. It’s a shame there isn’t another kit on the market and we have to settle for this mediocre kit. Verlinden upgrade, blast model canvas and Hussar wheels.
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I agree. That said your is very nicely built and painted. :+1:

Thank you for your comments. It would be good news if a manufacturer were encouraged to make such a well-known vehicle. All the best

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That’s excellent Raul. Great finish!

should add these Thachweave Products Page


They are excellent products.

oh? I havent bought them, but i did see them at a show and they looked nice

An autocorrect mistake, that I have now fixed. Scott and team make excellent products. I have some for my Dukw and I think GPA.

Some other items for the Dukw.

grateful for your comments.

That looks great, like it’s been working hard on the landing beaches

That is a great job you have done there Raul @Raul_Martin. The weathering and stowage are fantastic. And I hope the modern manufacturers listen and come out with a whole series of DUKW”s.

I have one possible little historical accuracy issue, wasn’t Playboy first published almost ten years later, please don’t ask me how I know this!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much for your comment. Possibly you have committed an anachronism. In my defense I will say that it is one of the cut-outs that Verlinden has destined for allied vehicles in the Second World War.
P.S. I will not ask compromising questions jejeje

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