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ZITERDES is a gaming company that makes a world of items, oriented to 25-28mm, but suitable for many scales. Here we look at one of their hard foam...

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I’m glad that this got a cross-post to Armorama as it does show the possibilities if using scenery items and accessories designed for 25/28mm miniatures gaming for dioramas in larger scales. But there are alternatives to ZITERDES which may be more flexible in how they are employed. I haven’t bought anything from Ainsty Castings for many years (since the death of a former proprietor) but despite what has been (I understand) several changes of ownership since, it would appear the range now includes new items (there were masters waiting to be put into production when I was last in contact). These include separate items as well as modular sections, and the Streetwise:Coldstore walls are taller than the rest so if one avoids features that give away scale such as doorways and cast-in accessories they are particularly useful.



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Tom, thanks for telling us (me) about Ainsty Castings. Impressive selection, esp. Trade Goods, Trader Town, and Riverfront. I will look through their catalogue.

I am an advocate of cross-posting. I have always been amazed at how many modelers (at least in the past) did not know how, say, model railroading had models and accessories that were perfect to enhance military models, and visa-versa. (Especially 1/48 - O Scale.) I haven’t priced any for years but about 20 years ago, military modeling had things like crates and drums and barrels and the like that were superior to what model railroaders had access to - and looked better as a rail cargo.

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