Dynamo, New French Brand of figures | Armorama™

New brand of resin figures, 3D sculpted by Greg Girault

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/new-french-brand-dynamo-1-35deg-figures
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These look awesome. Great subjects!

Always nice to hear of a new figure company. Some awesome looking stuff there.

Yes the Figures are awesome and will be well liked. But it is impossible to have them shipped to the United States. I tried to order several figures but when I go to place the order I am given the following message: “No shipping method has been selected. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.” Well there are not shipping methods to select. I contacted the company by email and the customer service was not very helpful in resolving the issue. The inability to resolve the issue of people ordering the items directly is a big setback especially since distributors do not have them.

Yeah some beautiful looking figures there but hopefully we can order them more easily.

The owner of the brand is very nice, but he still needs to make adjustments with his website.
Everything was a little fast for him, between the launch of his brand and the WME, then the period in France (known as summer vacation, where France is slowing down), give him time to do things right. try to join them thru facebook or messenger.
FB address :

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Ordered and received the female resistance fighter and I have to say the figure is sublime. Incredible sculpting, proper size and proportion. The owner fixed the issue with shipment to the US. I am going to order three more resistance fighters.

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