“Eagle owl of blue eyes” Sd.kfz251/20 UHU March, 1945 Germany | Armorama™

Stunning diorama from Tetsuya Okamura and his incredible diorama “Eagle owl of blue eyes” Sd.kfz251/20 "UHU" March 1945 Germany. Sd.Kfz. 251/20 - Schützenpanzerwagen (Infrarotscheinwerfer) Introduced in late 1944, it mounted a 60 cm infrared searchlight with a range of 1.5 km for illuminating targets at night. Known as "Uhu" (Eagle Owl), they guided IR sight-equipped Panther tanks to targets that were out of range of their own smaller infrared searchlights.

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Outstanding work! Lots of nice attention to detail. Figure posturing and painting is superb. :art::paintbrush:


Superb work indeed! The groundwork is exceptional and painting as well. The trees seemed too thick and didn’t quite taper off as it should.