Early stages of ODS vehicles used

Hi All. Id like to build all types used by the US during ODS and want to include dump trucks in the list. I’m guessing the M939 dump fits in but Im wondering if the earlier M817 saw service? I realise the 8-series was being phased-out early ‘80s but some M52s hauled gas trailers in Kuwait in ‘91, so I’m hopeful.

Any advice is appreciated.


Not ODS related, but I saw a M62 Wrecker in Fürth/Bavaria in 1994.

Some M817s were still used stateside by Seabees in 1991 :


Do you remember this thread ?


where I posted this view of a M817 gun truck used in Operation Iraqi Freedom :slight_smile:

Larger view


I was station in Erlangen but left long before ‘94.
Have a Tucker for me.

we supplied spare parts for the M8** series during ODS. They were flown directly from Indy to where ever they were needed. I’m sure Stewart & Stephanson and Oshkosh did the samething.
This means somebody was using the 800 series trucks over there

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Thanks for that Frenchy, great pic. Stupid of me to forget that earlier post, but it looks like I can add a troop/cargo version to my M800 group. All gathering dust on the shelf now - but one day.

I drove an 8 series 5 ton @ Ft Sill in late 1992 early 1993.

IIRC, there are pics of 8 series trucks being loaded @ Bremerhaven enroute to Saudi Arabia in the build up for Desert Storm.

Thanks 2CT!