"Easy Pickins" 200mm Normandy Dio

New location, so here’s the link to the past posts:

Due to lack of curio cabinet space I will be holding off on the finish of this beast. I have to make a cabinet for my wife, she’s taken up the lower half of my curio cabinet, lol. And, as most of you know last winter I was remodeling the kitchen, etc. I won’t be in the cold shop this winter, I’ll be in the bunker!!!

Here’s a quick preview of a few on the bench in place of the 200mm dio:

First in the line-up.

The AB vignette will have up to eight figures and some kind of structure.

I’ll be posting each vignette separately, of course. See ya there Gents, Ruck Over Bby!

Cheers, Ski.

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Wow Ski :upside_down_face: pardon me for asking but how big are your wife’s curios?? Hope you got high ceilings, great to see you made it over to the Dark Side.

Very cool BroSki , glad you made the transition , kinda like not wanting to go to the dentist , … but you know eventually ya gotta … then a few days after ya do , everythings cool …

Lookin forward to you startin these pieces .

Tim, “my” curio cabinet is huge, over 6’ tall, but my wife commandeered the lower half, which is where the 200mm dio is slated to go. The only way to keep her happy is to make another one for all her pics, etc, ya know the drill. But, I’ll be using expensive wood, so it will take time to get it done right, but not this winter, HA!

Tanks Cheyenne. I really dig the photo upload feature, much better than before. Let’s get this pig up and running, HA! Posting 1Para this week, see ya there.

cheers, Ski.

Those cabinets are sure holding you back Ski. :upside_down_face:

Yo Brotha! Hey, I’m working the Brit vignette, so all is not lost. I’ll build a curio cabinet in the summer, bunker time is now!

Just had to jerk your chain. Keep up the great work Ski.

No worries Bro, I’m not missing another season, me Mum knows it too, HA!