eBay Deal of the Day

Hopefully this thread catches on. Deal of the Day can be whatever you think is good deal is. I’ll start off with this:


Not a bad price for a damned good kit even after all these years. And it looks as if he could even be talked down a few bucks.

There’s an other right underneath it, unstarted, for just a few bucks more.

Looks like a good find!

Heres mine for all you Canadian freaks out there… the Legend 1/35 ADATS currently 10% off. $98 USD.

A good deal. Except that I can beat it.

$47 USD including international postage… pass. That is $61 AUD. I can get the Italeri from a hobby store here, with postage, and still keep some change.

Here’s an Ebay/Fleabay/Evilbay deal of the Century!

$85 this old school Tamiya Panther A can be yours! Comes with some 3d printed boxes!

$85 1970’s 1/35 Tamiya Panther A

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Thanks watching out for us! :rofl:


I’ve purchased 3D Printed German fuel and water jerrycans from Rogue’s Cove.

They’re pretty good if you ask me.

Sniper Overwatch :rofl:

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Thank’s, bro! That was close! :scream_cat:

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Gino must be bored on a Saturday.
I don’t even know what he edited on an almost two year old post of mine, but he could have at least corrected my spelling of “an other” while he was at it.

:rofl: :joy:

Seriously, does anyone see a difference?

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You know it was for a good reason. :roll_eyes:

If it’s supposed to be one of those “Can you spot ten differences?” like in old Highlights magazines, it’s a damned good one. I’m stumped.


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Ah. I guess the world is safe for yet another day. :smiley:


I wouldn’t necessarily go that far… :grin: