Egyptian ASU-57


Here’s my progress so far…


Wow nice job so far. Those tracks look much more detailed than the ones in the AER Moldova kit I’m working on. But the sprue gates look big, just gotta be careful cutting them off. They look great though.


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Thanks !

I have a lot on my bench, so it will take me awhile to get it done.
I will post some photos when it’s done.

Yes me too, I’ll post pics of mine later today.

Those sprue gates in the bottom pic look normal compared to the kit I’m working on. Mine are more like the top picture.


The old East European kit is literally from another millenium,
as I remember it the gates are huge compared to the track links.
I would cut the HobbyBoss sprues like this:

Start by cutting or preferably sawing with a fret-saw
the read cuts
then the green followed by the yellow
clean up the nub after the yellow cut and
then the pink cut.

I have this one in the stash and I DONT look forward to build those tracks, I hated the Hobby Boss tracks on the T-37 aswell. Oh BTW welcome to NATO Uncle Heavy!

Now we are official members (having been unofficial for so many decades).

The tracks are built one fiddly little piece after the other.
The real problems start when the styrene hasn’t been warm enough into the mold so that parts split when they are removed from the sprues.

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Reminds me of a review I did once on an Eastern European kit:

No need to lumber through the whole review. This was my favorite line:

A quick glance at the sprues reminded me of Soviet women from a time gone by – sturdy, dependable, and unbreakable under pressure.


Woo-hooo :+1:
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Managed to find sprue images of the tracks in Eastern Express 35005 (one of many aliases for this kit).

Fret-saw would be my weapon of choice to attack these injection gates.

More sprue photos and the instructions here:

Yes exactly what mine look like, except the plastic is a lovely lavender color! I just used an exacto knife with brand new blade. I will send pics of my progress shortly.

Just started and have gotten this far. The drive sprockets needed lots of clean up due to excess flash. I also test fitted the track section I have done to the sprockets and will definitely have to open up the track holes a little and maybe thin the sprocket teeth as the fit isn’t good.

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Ok here’s a dilemma. I just opened the Hobby Boss kit and found a metal barrel from model point and a PE set from Eduard but intended for the AER/ TOGA kits. Completely forgot about them. Do I use them on the subpar AER/TOGA kit or save them for the HB kit?

I would thin the teeth to avoid the possible destruction of track links.

Compare them first but I presume that the metal barrel is correct so I would save it for the HB kit.
Compare the AER and HB barrel and use the best one for the AER kit

Yeah I’ve been looking at the HB sprues to see what I could replace with PE and I don’t know yet, the kit is way better than the other two obviously. I’ll probably save the barrel for the HB kit , it is really nice.

Yes I’ll probably do that Robin so as not to wreck the tracks

Along with the Eduard PE set, Part also did/does one for the AER/Toga kit, which is actually a pretty good complement to the Eduard set, not a lot of overlap. Modelpoint also did a set of turned metal return rollers.

FC Modeltrend does a set of headlight brushguards and grilles for the HB kit, but I’ve bought them for the AER kit and they look like they will fit with minimal effort. I know, FC Modeltrend has done some not so great stuff, but these look OK, at least to my old eyes.

I have it all to try and turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse… :slightly_smiling_face:

I hear ya John yes. As I said before I’ve been checking out the quality of the HB in comparison to the Eduard PE set actually and I’ll probably use the PE set on the AER kit although the barrel I might save for the HB kit. I’m still not 100% sure how much I’ll use though. I’ll decide as I go along.