Ellen Ripley from Alien 1979 movie

here it is on the equipment shelf behind her.
piton gund


Amazing work!
On the figure and case. It’s an imaginative way to display it.

One of my favourite movies.

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the helmet is clipped (glued) to the back wall of the space suit compartment, ready for Ripley to sit down underneath it and suit up unassisted. the model is nearly ready to close up.


The spacesuit closet is now closed, “This is 2nd Officer Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off”…


Your work has really paid off- a brilliant way to showcase the model.

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Brilliant take on an iconic film moment :+1:

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Main problem here is the face doesn’t even look like Weaver and Rripley has/had a bit more “body” than this figure.


the likeness issue might be for legal reasons so they don’t get hit with a C & D order from some slick expensive lawyer.

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