EPS Springer MMK

The vehicle is quite unusual. EPS Springer and the model from MMK. It looks fine. We’ll see in the course of work.

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Piotr, as it happens I took a couple of pictures of this vehicle a few years back:

I love that high tech door latch :rofl:

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I think I’ve said it before Robin, never ever think that the British Army lavishes quality products upon its soldiers, but that door latch was a new low.

Springer, as I understand it was a failure and was only in service for around 2 years.

However, that doesn’t stop a 1:35 version being an interesting little model though.

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I forgot to mention that the MMK box top shows HRH Prince Charles hitching a ride.

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Thank you very much for the photos - it can be a very attractive small model.

Yup - vindication perhaps of my earlier comment; pi**-poor quality and even corrupt procurement practices. The blokes deserve much better.

I am sure you’ll do it justice Piotr - whilst a failure in service it’s still an interesting vehicle and as a model will, I am sure, look very pleasing.

Great model have this to make … have this to make and indeed whole host of pictures…following with interest.

Interesting to follow.

Unfortunately wheels don’t look right. Wrong shape, wrong tire tread pattern.

Do you mean based on the MMK box picture? As that is a photograph I would have thought it was accurate - however - I do not have access to the MMK parts breakdown. On the pictures I posted it may well be that the restoration enthusiasts have fitted the tyres wrongly.

Images from surplus auction


It turns out that it’s not that small at all …

It is not an easy model to build. Lots of small photo-etched parts and delicate resin parts. I am struggling slowly


Taking shape quite nicely i think; keep it up!

It’s going hard. The design requires painting, wash

application in the wheel arches and then sticking the fenders and the rear platform. The scene will be diversified by British soldiers


All looking very interesting; keep it up!

oooops :yum:

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