(Eric's)Egyptian T-34/100 Buddy Build-Academy/Accurate Armor-1/35th

Started a buddy build project with my buddy Bruce …The Egyptian T-34/100. For this build Bruce and I will only work on it when we can get together therefor it will be a bit slower then normal. We’ll both use the same base kits. The Accurate Armor conversion, Academy T-34/85 and the Trumpeter BS-3 100mm gun. All though I’m still awaiting delivery of the Accurate Armor kit we did get started. Work began with the fitting of the Verlinden interior kit and assembly of the lower hull. Here are a few pics of the inspiration vehicle and my progress thus far.

Be sure to check out Bruce’s thread (when he get around to posting it).
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Sets for Dragon’s T-34s fit the Academy kits well?

It does! of course here is a little bit of fiddling and trimming but nothing to crazy. Definitely a good starting point for an interior.

Received my order of the Accurate Armor T34/100 conversion kit. Inspection of the parts showed that resin castings are quite good considering the age of this kit. Oh sure there where a couple of warped and broken parts but nothing major and can’t be fixed. But the turret is in excellent condition without any warpage nor broken areas…so it’s all good to go.

While I’m not to work on the kit, I couldn’t help myself. I did some dry fitting to see how everything went together. I have to say over all I’m quit happy so far.

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Had a build day yesterday with my buddy Bruce. We worked of assembling the major elements of the interior. I primarily used the interior from Accurate Armor and Bruce used the Verlinden kit. I constructed the interior so that I can remove it for further detailing and painting. Once that is completed then it will be permanently fixed into the lower hull. Doesn’t look like a lot but took most of the day making sure everything fit good.

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Eric looking good d see I far. Are those boxes on the floor for ammunition?

Thank You Sir.
In deed they are ammo lockers for 100mm. Probably hold 2 maybe 3 rounds each. There is also and ammo rack for ready rounds in the turret.

Not the best picture but you get the idea.