Euro Spike Launcher

Is anybody making an after market Spike launcher for the Spz Puma? Contemplating getting the Hobbyboss kit and doing a Polish “what if” to go with an “operational” PL-01.

No luck with Eurospike twin launcher right now, The system is into integration with the Bundeswehr, only a few pics of the launcher are available. But it doesnt seem to difficult to built from scratch. If you plan on building the Spz Puma, go with the RFM kit, its much better. :grin:
Build one launcher from scratch after a few pics, the size should be:
-Lenght approx.33,5mm

  • Width approx. 16mm
  • Height approx. 16,5 mm

Thanks. Wonder if the Stinger pod from the Flak Wiesel would be close. Have to check that idea. Or maybe the TOW launcher from a Stryker ATGM. Things to recon.

TOW missle pod would be the better choise. Stinger pod is completely unsuitable.
From Google

How different are the HB and RFM kits? Are the production vehicles (I understand RoG’s is a developmental/ pre production.) ? My main issue is with only one eye working complex tracks and PE are NOT my friend. HB’s tracks look slightly simpler.

I was wondering the same thing. The first time I saw a Puma I loved it and have always wanted to build one, but I cant find the Hobby boss or Revell anywhere does anyone know if anyone in the US is selling either kit? (I dont want to do the RFM kit cuz the tracks., plus there is supposed to be an interior but there isn’t one… :roll_eyes:)

Several places on ebay in US have them. Also look on Scalemates. They have a list of dealers with them. Wings& wheels in Canada is an option. Usually cheaper than US but the shipping usually makes it a wash.

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Was looking at the RFM kit. No mention of interior on the box, instruction sheet, or in the review on this site. (In fact it says there is no interior.)

Really? I thought there used to be a discussion on how the kit said it had an interior but dosent. My bad. :sweat_smile:

Since Spz Puma is a “brandnew” system, Bundeswehr will hardly let take you pics of the interior. It`s yery cramped inside, has a lot of electronics and screen and suspended crew seats. No good chance for any AM company.

Have a look over here:

They do a VJTF- Update for the RFM Puma in 1:35. Afaik you can order via PM.

Greetings Kay

The RFM kit is a dream

The only things I could find on that facebook group page was a set of 1/35 soldiers and a 1/72 model for the Puma. It seems that he is planning a 1/35 upgrade set for the VJTF details, no mention of any interior though …

Given the latest incarnation of the VJTF Puma, only one individual had access to the real track.Since a he`s a professional journalist, his intention is not to sell pics to modellers, but to Army and Industry. But first he has to get clearance of the German Military. He usually charges more for a photo than you would pay for an entire kit.