European Countryside Building and Base

This is the European Countryside Building and Base .
Cast in light grey resin . All painted up .
I will be doing a full paint tutorial on this for anyone interisted.
It will also be up on www.dangerclosedioramics.comsoon.


I wasn’t really seeing it’s potential before but you did good with this diorama.

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Ahh thank you. This is just a quick paint up.
I believe it has even more potential.
I can only imagine what other people will do with this .

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Looks good, even without the building you can do a lot with it

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@Johnnych01 . Thank you. I agree this is wide open with options

That looks really sharp Chris!

It’s so nice to see. :slight_smile:

Very nice and looks extremely good.

@Canmedic @mc_clark @Armournovice
Thanks guys . not to sound bad but this is one of my favorites

That’s pretty cool.