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I like the scene. It reminds us of the brutality of the war. I get tired of all the scenes showing the Nazis victorious.

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Disturbing subject.

I’d love to learn more about how you painted the rail car. What paints, what weathering techniques? Any pointers to a reliable reference on marking schemes for DR rolling stock during the war?

Brilliant modeling of a horrific event.

Hi Phil, here is a page of many weathering techniques and demonstrations for wooden steam-era cars.

Weathering - Notes on Designing, Building, and Operating Model Railroads

Another article about weathering wood:

Thanks. The first one is new and it looks like there is lots to explore. I am familiar with the pacificcoastairlinerr page. It had been awhile since I looked at it and am amused again about using Kilz for hobby purposes. But his suggestions are great. One of the appealing things about this subject is the ability to do some intense weathering. A railcar would perhaps have been around for years so I can do more on aging it thank a tank on the Ostfront that would probably not be around for more than a few months.