Evergreen Styrene

I was just wondering if anyone on this site has ever purchased directly from Evergreen styrene ?
They will not answer their phones or return any emails and they only sell directly in the US.
Reason I ask is because I want to place a very large bulk order and can’t find anyone who’s willing to accept my money.
Any suggestions would be open to.

If you mean that in the US, that you can only buy directly from them, that is not true. Hobby Lobby carries a selection of their products, and all the shops that I have shopped at over the past few decades carry more comprehensive stock of their products, usually along with Plastruct items as well.

Scale Hobbyist has a large selection of Evergreen shapes . I imagine there are many others as well.

Not sure where you are, but the Little Choo Choo Shop in Salisbury, NC always had a full rack when I visited. I assume they have a web presence…

That they do. https://www.littlechoochooshop.com/

Depending on how much you want I would call Sprue Bros or Scalehobbist, maybe even Andy’s HHQ (he does sell that line but he also has a European store) and have them order it directly for you as I have a feeling the numbers they carry are not enough for a big order.

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Thank you for all the good suggestions I’m in Canada and I cleaned out all the local hobby shops.


Your local shop should be able to order in whatever you want in whatever quantities you want.

I do it all the time for my customers. Carry the basics in stock, any odd shape or size I can always order for my customers. I am also in Canada.