F-20 weapons pylons

Anybody happen to have specs (or good SWAGS) on the weight ratings for the pylons for the F-20 Tigershark? I think the earlier family members had the inboards were 2000 pounds and outboards less than 1000 pounds. Center lines, 3000(?) Planning a “what-if” F/A-20C. Load out,as of now is AIM-9P on wing tip, Maverick = outboard, pair of Mk20 CBUs on a TER = inboard. MER with 6X Mk82s on the centerline. Trying to figure out if I’m over loading the pylons. (Yeah, it’s a “what-if” and I could hang MOABs on all stations but I’m trying to keep it believable. )

Wikipedia (take it for what it’s worth) states 1,000 lbs on the wing pylons and 2500 lbs (5 Mk 82s) on the centerline, max. However, the Military analysis network states 8300 lbs of weapons and fuel.

I’m sure your proposed loads are fine. You wouldn’t have much range with it :).


Thanks. I think I’m safe on my load out . Revised to 4 Mavericks (wing stations) and 3 X BLU-12s on a MER on the centerline. Had to use a staggered load (lower rear and upper 2 forward) for clearance. (single rear to clear landing gear doors … same issue with TERs on the A-4s wing station… forward 2 on the upper mounts so the rear one can stick its nose between )