F&A Miniatures Saint Chamond Early Type | Armorama™

The second kit of F&A Great War line is now out. 3D printed model available in 1/48 and 1/72

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And out of the window goes all the building fun…

Ah. but what about the sanding lots of tiny support nubs off fun?

and the zooming it about on the table top going brrooomm bbrooom pew pew fun?

2 out of three’s pretty good.

…something something painting something something…

Often, they can be snapped off with little to none remaining. But I have not seen this brand live and can not tell how they are.

I’ve completed about a dozen 3D printed kits so far this year. I love obscure subjects and that is the realm of 3D printing. I’ve not done anything from this company - yet. But some of the other companies make real kits - up to 80 parts. So there can be building involved.

The upside to easier builds is that you get more opportunities to practice your painting and weathering. My skills have improved with practice…


That’s certainly a good point, Rick. But building for me is the main part and what I like to do the most. But I do get that for practicing painting an easy to build kit is a plus.